Montagu Square EMS or Estate Management Scheme was formed to meet that contriving need as more lessees purchased their freeholds.

Its purpose is to ensure that freeholders within enfranchised properties maintain the fabric and appearance of their homes, and thus that the integrity of the Square is maintained.

We need your help and interest.

Please let us know if a home changes hands so we can introduce ourselves to new neighbours. Please let us know if you would like to see particular changes; if you wish more, less, or different feed-back. Please give us your email addresses for future Newsletters. We live on the best square in London and by sharing our efforts, we will only make it even better.


The Scheme was set up in 1997 following the passing of the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act of 1993, which entitled leasehold owners of flats in a building collectively to enfranchise and acquire the freehold of that building.

The Scheme is managed by a Board (consisting of four Councillors and a Secretary). Two Councillors (‘M’) are elected by residents at the annual AGM and two Councillors (‘P’) are appointed by The Portman Estate. The Secretary is a non-voting member and is appointed by the Board. Decisions are made at the Annual General Meeting, which all residents are encouraged to attend.


The purpose of the Montagu Square Estate Management Scheme (EMS) is to ensure that every freehold residence in Montagu Square and its ancillary Mews is maintained to a high standard. This includes ensuring the exterior of the buildings are kept in good repair, repainted on a regular schedule, and that no unauthorised changes are made to the outward appearance of buildings.  You can find a copy of the Scheme Specification which sets out how properties should be decorated online hereYou can contact the Surveyor for the Scheme here.


Residents of dwellings in Montagu Square and the surrounding Mews are entitled to become ‘M’ members of the Scheme on application to the Secretary, Katie Balderson. There is no charge to become a member.

There is a small annual fee which enfranchised owners are required to pay which covers running costs of the scheme.

Enfranchised owners should be aware that if they wish to undertake certain works to their property, the consent of the EMS may be required. Applications for consent should be made direct to Stuart Birrell, the Scheme Surveyor.

We welcome involvement from all Members and enfranchised owners and would encourage all residents to take part.

Contact the Secretary to the EMS here for more information


New members are always welcome on the committees.

Montagu Square

Montagu Square is in Marylebone, London. It is situated a little north of Marble Arch, between Edgware Road and Marylebone High Street. 

It was built as part of the Portman Estate between 1810 and 1815, along with Bryanston Square, a little to the west, and first leased to the builder David Porter. He named the square after his former benefactor, Mrs Elizabeth Montagu, when he was a chimney sweep.