Garden Trust

<strong>01</strong> WHO WE ARE

Everyone living on Montagu Square, be they long- or short-term resident, is entitled to use the Garden. Any occupier on the Square is also a trustee of The Montagu Square Garden Trust.

The Trust was created by an Act of Parliament 1813 to manage the upkeep and responsible use of the Garden, and is run by a small voluntary committee of trustees.

The Residents Association has been disbanded.   Any isues concerning Montagu Square (outside of the railings) and the hanging baskets around the Square are now managed by the Montagu Square Garden Trust.

<strong>02</strong> WHAT WE DO

The committee is responsible for setting the rules for the use of the Garden, and organising events throughout the year, most notably the Annual Summer Party and the Christmas Carol Concert.

We are also responsible for the ongoing upkeep of anything within, and including, the railings of the Garden. We collect the garden levy, and administer the Trust’s finances.

Joseph Jones Contract Gardeners Ltd have been looking after the lawns and plants and trees in the Gardens excellently for ten years.

Bartlett Tree Experts manage and prune the 76 trees in the garden.

The Garden Clerk, employed by the Trust, manages the keys and communication with the trustees.


We need new people to become involved with the garden committee, in particular to bring fresh ideas for events in the Square – neighbours’ picnics, a Mums’ group, amateur dramatics for example.

We have a new website under development which will be an ideal platform to create more interest in what’s happening in the Square during the year and creating a stronger community atmosphere. PLEASE GET INVOLVED and contact the Gerden Clerk.



New members are always welcome on the committees.

Montagu Square

Montagu Square is in Marylebone, London. It is situated a little north of Marble Arch, between Edgware Road and Marylebone High Street. 

It was built as part of the Portman Estate between 1810 and 1815, along with Bryanston Square, a little to the west, and first leased to the builder David Porter. He named the square after his former benefactor, Mrs Elizabeth Montagu, when he was a chimney sweep.